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Fishing Boots

Producing salmon for sport & commercial fisheries.

Restoring, Enhancing & Protecting Stream Habitat


The CBFTF is a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing salmonid populations for citizens and communities in the Chehalis River Basin.


Producing salmon for sport and commercial fisheries. Enhancing steelhead and sea-run cutthroat trout resources. Restoring, enhancing, and protecting stream habitat critical to these anadromous species.


The Task Force is striving to create an educated community, who accepts personal ownership and responsibility for the river and its resources.

We also offer an annual scholarship.


The Chehalis Basin Fisheries Task Force (CBFTF or "Task Force") is a private, nonprofit, tax-exempt corporation and one of fourteen Regional Fisheries Enhancement Groups (RFEG). While the Task Force functions in a variety of capacities, its main focus involves acting as a funding agency, coordinating technical resources, and providing public education.

Base funding for the RFEG program comes from a grant from U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service's Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program, a portion of State commercial and recreational fishing license fees, and excess egg and carcass sales administered by WA Dept. of Fish & Wildlife.

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